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One To One Coaching

Helping You Find Your Inner Strength to Navigate Change


How I can help you with one to one coaching

I believe that we can all benefit from finding clarity about our purpose in the world and that this can get lost in the busyness of life.  Using the Chopra approach, I offer you a safe space in which to explore your purpose and open up opportunities to flourish and fulfil your potential.  This includes supporting you to understand and shift any limiting beliefs, setting intentions, creating actions and uncovering how to be accountable.  I ask questions and use a range of tools to help you to find the answers you want from coaching.


Our 1:1 sessions are usually held virtually and we can arrange face to face sessions from time to time if we decide that this would be helpful.


The standard coaching package is for 8 sessions plus an ‘intake session’ in which we discuss how coaching works, what it is (and isn’t!) and set up our coaching relationship and how we will work together.


At our first coaching session we will work on defining your purpose and once we have connected or reconnected you to this foundation, we will go on to use transformational and positive psychology tools and approaches to find the answers you are seeking.


"I have gained so much from my time with Jo... I have benefitted from the gentle challenge, encouragement to look at things differently and to question my feelings in different situations.  I know what I need to do and where I am going with areas I still need to work on.  Jo has equipped me to do this." 
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