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Meet Jo

I am lucky enough to live in the loveliness of Devon with my family and our small dog.  Lots of country and beachside walks are the order of the day! I have two teenage daughters, one of whom has recently returned from travelling so I have experienced an empty and a re- populated nest!


Working as a coach is a fulfilment of my long-held wish to help people reconnect to the things that light them up and find ways of cultivating joy in life.  I have had a varied career working in HR and senior management and have used change processes and psychology to effect transformation, so working as a coach became a natural next step for me.


I’m here to meet you where you find yourself in life right now without judgement, identify what you want from life, work with your strengths to make necessary changes and understand the things which are holding you back in a safe and supportive space.

Jo Pendray Life Coach Ottery St Mary UK
Logo for Chopra Jo Pendray

The Chopra Coaching Method

I chose to train in this unique approach because I am fascinated by how it brings together science and psychology with learnings from Vedic wisdom to create a holistic approach to wellbeing.  The approach takes you through four cornerstones to help you to answer key questions about your purpose in the world and helps to identify how you will fulfil that purpose.

The logo you can see here is the Chopra logo and it reflects the "whole health" approach.


The Circle represents the mind, the semi circle the body, and the rays the spirit. This is why I love the Chopra approach - it recognises the inter-dependencies between the mind, body and spirit. You can't neglect one without impacting the others.

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