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Group Training & Facilitation

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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How I can help your business - group training and facilitation with a coaching approach

Bespoke Team Away Days


Do you need a team refresh? A new focus? A great action plan? Time to connect?


A team away day is the perfect opportunity to look at the direction the team is headed, your aims, aspirations and values and to take time to craft a plan for action or perhaps you want to address a particular issue or issues?


I can design an Away Day to meet your team needs and goals and facilitate a safe space where we work on making the team stronger, appreciating each other and coming together to plan for the future, all while having some fun along the way.




Strengths coaching for teams and groups

And / or

Becoming a high performing team?


Do you want to define your purpose as a team, achieving clarity on your direction and plans and understand how you can harness the strengths in individuals and your team to make your team cohesive and high performing?


This 3 day programme will allow your team to


  • Discover hidden strengths and understand how to build on these

  • Identify what you want to achieve as a team

  • Agree common goals and

  • Make a plan to deliver action




Growth mindset and positive psychology – how to flourish!


This one day programme gives insight and practical ways into retraining your brain and your habits to


  • Understand and harness your strengths

  • Know how you can flourish and experience more joy

  • Feel that you are achieving your aims

  • Feel more content with life

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